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Our Innovative & Personalised Learning

The Surval Learning Experience, underpinned by an innovative, coaching style of teaching develops independence, curiosity and critical thinking skills. Our challenging and ambitious lessons and bespoke course design promote greater student ownership and engagement in class, allow our students to bring their own knowledge and experiences into the discussions, and empower them to lead and critique. We build skills, attitudes and perspectives for our students to value and take full advantage of their educational journey. 

Within this, we apply a Flipped Learning approach where students research and prepare for topics and concepts in advance of lessons, deepening their understanding and allowing the teacher-pupil contact time in class to be more productive and exploratory. This enables analysis, reasoning, debate and creative and critical thinking to be an everyday outcome from learning at Surval. Further fortifying this learning experience, tutorials, masterclasses and individualised skills classes are offered by both our academic and boarding staff in addition to timetabled lessons, with Google Classroom and Swivl complementing our blended learning resource. 

The more personalised, tutorial-style lessons promote heightened levels of analysis, independence and self-led learning.  Surval’s transformative approach to teaching and learning inspires our students to grow personally, and intellectually, empowered to make a real difference.


Study Programmes

Surval offers a variety of Study Programmes, including the American High School Program, International IGCSE and A Level Curriculum and our own pre-university finishing-style programme, the Surval Swiss Gap Experience. We also offer our Winter Term Programme and Surval Summer Camp.

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