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Surval Study Programmes

Surval offers a variety of Study Programmes, including the American High School Program with Advanced Placements, International IGCSE and A-Level Curriculum and a unique pre-university GAP programme; as well as our Winter Term and Surval Summer Camp. The school prides itself on offering a tailored and bespoke curriculum, created to support the particular strengths and aspirations of the individual girl. 

Formal studies are complemented and supported by a comprehensive Sporting and Enrichment programme and dynamic Weekend Activity schedule. We have also introduced a more structured Tutorial programme to support girls’ personal, social and health education.

Our small class sizes (average 10) enhance this approach. We are committed to offering the best learning experience possible to each and every student during her time here. Some girls come to Surval for one term or one year’s study and we ensure they have an effective transition to and from their home country. Others enter with the intention of moving up through the school and graduating from Surval.

Languages feature strongly at Surval. For most girls, English is their second language; lessons are taught in English, complemented by a strong emphasis on French, with all girls following the DELF programme. Surval is also one of a few schools in Switzerland which teaches Etiquette, a highlight of all our programmes. We also offer SAT, IELTS and TOEFL training, alongside a comprehensive university application and Careers advice programme so that our girls are well-equipped for their futures.

Foundation Year

Surval offers a Foundation Year for girls from the age of 12 which provides an excellent preparation for the American High School programme or for IGCSE and A Level. The Foundation Year has a strong language element, which is ideal for girls wishing to improve their English. French is also compulsory and another language is optional. Foundation Year girls enjoy a broad curriculum, including maths, all three sciences, humanities, Global Perspectives and art. 

IGCSE and A Level

Surval understands the importance of IGCSE and A Levels as the currency needed for the bright futures of many of our girls. The school has been awarded its status as a Cambridge school, and therefore offers the associated examinations. We have recently introduced Business Studies into the Curriculum which is proving very popular and has extended into whole school Social Enterprise projects. Many of our girls go from the Surval to the UK, and others to the US, Canada and Australia where there is also often a preference for A Levels.

American High School Program

The school also proudly provides an international study programme for students who wish to enter colleges or Business Schools in the US, Canada, Latin America and Switzerland. Surval is accredited according to the California Standards by AdvancEd. This course offers a college preparatory curriculum with an emphasis on fulfilling or exceeding requirements for high quality university entrance.

Surval Swiss Gap Experience

Unique Finishing programme for modern  young women

Surval offers a unique Pre-University Finishing programme for young women aged 17-19.  Our programme has at its core languages, Culture and Travel, complemented by Social Enterprise and Communications projects. The programme also offers Pre-University preparation, studies in International Relations and Global Perspectives, alongside Personal Development and well-being programmes.

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