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Student Blog: Our Day Trip to Annecy

22 November 2018

As I’m sure you all know, on Saturday twenty-four other students and I went to visit a pretty special and beautiful French town named Annecy.
I would personally describe Annecy as a POP of colour. Try to picture this: a beautiful town filled with different colours of the most beautiful flowers, and as you walk by you can see canals filled with clear blue water. I’ll admit the drive was quite long but it was so fun: I had the chance to talk and laugh with my friends; I had the chance to go down memory lane by listening to old songs and laugh; and, most importantly, I got the chance to visit and explore Annecy with my friends.

When we arrived, we immediately got pretty hungry so we decided to search for a nice restaurant. After a while of walking we came by this beautiful restaurant that had a great view of town, so in order to admire it we decided to sit at the tables outside. By doing so, it felt like we were really appreciating the French culture. After we finished our magnificent lunch, we decided that it was time to keep exploring Annecy. As we strolled, we noticed that there were plenty of chocolate shops – we must have passed by at least ten chocolate shops in less than ten minutes! So, as you would imagine, we decided to stop in one. It was this lovely shop with soft pink walls and a contrast of white wood. We chatted and laughed as we were choosing which chocolate to buy and ended up spending quite a long time in there!

That was my very first time visiting Annecy and let me tell you that it was amazing. Everything “popped” and the canals were simply beautiful and you could even say quite graceful with the clear blue (even pure you could say) water. The local people were friendly and helpful; even though they didn’t know me they would nod me a smile as I walked by. To be honest, I believe that if the opportunity ever came again, I would definitely go back and finish exploring the beautiful town that is Annecy.