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Advanced Placements at Surval Montreux

31 January 2022

Surval Montreux is proud to offer a varied selection of Advanced Placements AP courses as part of its High School Diploma. 

Launched at the start of the 2021-2022 academic year, Advanced Placements (APs) have proven extremely popular with students and families, providing college-level classes to our ambitious high-school students who might wish to deepen their learning in specific subject areas.

APs are one year, academically rigorous, fast-paced courses that culminate in an external examination in May run by the College Board.  A highly-accredited and widely recognized set of programmes, APs are an exceptionally flexible and valuable pathway option, guaranteed to impress university admissions officers, develop university-level academic skills, and prepare our students for success in their higher education. 

FAQ about Advanced Placements (APs)

How many APs can I take?

Surval students may study up to 3 APs in Grade 11, and at most 4 APs in Grade 12, subject to availability.   Any student opting for APs must also ensure that they will be meeting the minimum requirements to graduate with the High School Diploma and their options are carefully discussed and agreed with the Principal to ensure their timetable is an appropriate balance of AP and other credit courses. 

How do APs affect my GPA?

APs are considered to be at a higher level than High School Diploma courses.  AP course grades therefore lead to what is known as ‘weighted GPAs’ which means that +1 is added to the AP course grade when included in the GPA.  So if you score 3 in your AP course, this would be calculated as 4 when added into your GPA.

Are APs accepted by all universities?

Whilst APs are US-led qualifications, they are widely accepted by universities around the world, including Canada, the UK, Switzerland, the Netherlands and elsewhere.  Many universities in the US and Canada offer course credit for students who have achieved 3 or above in their AP courses.  At least 3, but preferably 4, AP courses meet the requirements of a good number of UK undergraduate courses.  Students applying to universities with APs must ensure they have also met the requirements of the High School Diploma.  It  is important to check entry requirements of individual institutions - visit the College Board AP Recognition website for more information about universities that recognise AP qualifications for entry.

For more information about the High School Program and Advanced Placements at Surval Montreux, and to find out how APs can help you achieve your dreams, you can contact our Admissions Office at