Boarding life at Surval Montreux

29 April 2024

Words from our Vice Principal, Ms Shirley Mitchell

One of the benefits of a Surval experience, is the whole-school boarding. Unlike many other schools, 100% of our students board full time at our stunning location. This allows them to experience the unique bonds formed from living together and working together exclusively. Whilst our enrichment programme and extensive trips calendar allows plenty of time to form smaller friendship groups, the whole school community remains intact by the nature of this common thread.

I have often spoken with people who believe the boarding day is much like a day at home for day students, and while there are of course some similarities, it is the differences that truly offer up the best opportunities.

Once the academic day is over, the dedicated boarding team is on hand to take up the mantle and dive right into the pastoral programme. This is different every day and can include anything from cooking and baking, helping with homework, art club, yoga, coaching and many more activities. One of the most utilised skills of the boarding team is actually conversation. The end of the academic day marks a mental shift in the minds of the students and often they just want to sit down and chat.

The boarding team at Surval all live onsite which enables a safe, family atmosphere. Boarding staff are the first people the students see in the morning and the last people they see at night. They are who the students call if they are ill in the night, feeling homesick or just want someone to talk to. They live together, eat together, watch movies together and laugh together. They provide the continuity of care which allows our students to feel safe and secure and helps them to know that there is always someone there they can call on. 

Earlier this year, we celebrated World Boarding Staff Day which was a fantastic opportunity to recognise and appreciate the people who dedicate themselves to this integral role which provides the amazing social and emotional wellbeing of each girl in their care.

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