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Student Blog: First Impressions of Ski Thursdays

15 January 2019

“…an exceptional opportunity to try new things in a natural environment”

Several of Surval’s first-time skiers reflect on the experience of their first Ski Thursday.

“Being in the mountains at winter felt like being in heaven – it’s always snowing and it was icy cold. It was very hard to stand up on skis for the first time and I fell a lot of times! The feeling of sliding on snow felt like having lots of air in my hair! I went very fast so it was fun and I really enjoyed it. I loved being there with all my friends with the mountains in the background.” – Zoe, FY, Mexico. 

“When you are in a mountain full of snow, you can hear the crunching sound of snow under your feet. You feel like being in a dream, looking at the amazing views of the top of the mountain while standing in the fresh snow. It was my first time skiing and I was really nervous; however, I knew I was going to have a great time. The instructor helped me a lot learning how to ski. When you ski, you feel like you are flying. I felt like I was floating on the snow while skiing. I was laughing and at the same time screaming because of the joy I had in my body at that time. Every time I got off the magic carpet lift and stood at the top of the slope, I enjoyed the amazing view; I looked up to see the clear blue sky and down to look at the path full of smooth snow.” – Violeta, G9, Mexico. 

“When I was watching the mountains full with a brilliant and smooth white blanket, I thought about the feeling of being in that paradise. And when I arrived there, I forgot about the cold in the atmosphere; I was just focused on that moment of peace between me and nature. And when I started walking, I heard and felt the crunch of the snow under my feet. At the beginning, I was nervous about falling, but my instructor helped me in my first steps. It was relaxing to feel how I was able to slide on the snow without any other impulse needed. When I am sliding across the snow, I feel relaxed and happy at having this exceptional opportunity to try new things in a natural environment, especially in this winter season. Firstly, I loved when we were going uphill on the gondola to start skiing; I was in love watching how every time we were further, and how all the trees were full of snow. I was impressed about the height. Secondly, I was happy about seeing the amount of people that were skiing and snowboarding; everyone was incredibly happy; families were together skiing, trying to teach each other, having a good moment in company with the people they love. Later, when we finished skiing and lay on the snow and had a snowball fight and made angels in the snow, it was one of my favourite moments.” – Isabella, G9, Mexico. 

“It was weird being in the mountains at winter because I’m new to it so it all felt really new for me. You can see the snow and trees but you don’t hear anything. It felt super complicated to stand up on skis for the first time and I was scared at first, but it’s also easy to learn. The feeling of sliding on snow is really relaxing and fun – almost everybody fell! My favourite moments were when everyone was falling down, when I felt like I was starting to learn more and when I skied by myself.” – Victoria, G10, Mexico. 

“Standing in the mountains was like a dream, with all that snow that cleanses our world and our senses. You really appreciate the beauty of nature. At first, it felt very risky and difficult to stand on skis for the first time, but then I learned how to handle it, and from the falls is how you learn. After about seven falls, I felt a little angry, but the instructor explained to me that falling is normal and that he is still falling! Then I understood that skiing is like life: the falls make you stronger. The first feeling of sliding on snow was fear, but then I started feeling very happy and relaxed as I skied in the beauty of nature. There were some unforgettable moments, like going up the Magic Carpet, waiting to get up the mountain, and seeing the Alps full of snow, feeling the cold and admiring nature; and later, when we finished, we all fell about in the snow playing with it.” – Florencia, G10, Mexico. 

“To be in the mountains, it feels as if you are surrounded by one colour – white. As you walk along the snow, you can feel your weight sink in the snow leaving a print. If you take a moment to look down, you will see tiny sparks along the surface of the snow, almost like glitter had been spilt. Skiing felt strange, a change from what I’m used to. My feet felt ten times bigger than before and walking became a challenge. Sliding across the snow felt exciting – was I going to crash or would I have a smooth stop? Both happened. I remember standing at the edge of the cliff in complete silence as golden hour is just beginning, feeling the warmth of the sun against my face, but my body in the snow. Closing my eyes to take it all in just as a snowflake drops to my cheek. I felt like every small thought, good or bad, had just disappeared. I felt free and happy.” – Very lyrical Surval student who wants to stay anonymous!