Leading with Purpose: Meet Our Student Ambassadors at Surval Montreux!

01 December 2023

Surval Montreux proudly introduces four exceptional young leaders who have been elected as Student Ambassadors through the dynamic Student Voice process. Each with a unique focus area, Maiia, Victoria, Valeria, and Rosie are set to make lasting impacts in the areas of Etiquette and Events, Charity, Digital Communications, and Sustainability, respectively.


Meet Our Empowered Student Ambassadors

1. Maiia - Etiquette and Events Ambassador

Maiia takes the helm as the leader of our "Etiquette and Events" Student Voice. Her flair for organization and attention to detail are unmatched as she works diligently to ensure that school events are not only memorable but also uphold the values of courtesy and respect. Maiia's dedication to creating a positive and inclusive atmosphere sets a high standard for our school community.

View her full interview here. 

2. Victoria - Charity Ambassador

Victoria leads the charge in the "Charity" Student Voice, where her passion for making a difference truly shines. Through innovative fundraising and community engagement initiatives, Victoria encourages her fellow students to contribute meaningfully to various causes. Victoria's compassionate leadership is a driving force in instilling a sense of responsibility and philanthropy among her peers.

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3. Valeria - Digital Communications Ambassador

Valeria, at the forefront of the "Digital Communications" Student Voice, brings her technological prowess to enhance communication within the school community. From social media campaigns to fostering digital connectivity, Valeria is instrumental in shaping our school's online presence. Her innovative approach ensures effective communication and unity in the digital age.

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4. Rosie - Sustainability Ambassador

Rosie, our "Sustainability" Ambassador, is dedicated to promoting environmental consciousness within our school community and beyond. With a passion for eco-friendly practices, Rosie leads initiatives that inspire her peers to adopt sustainable lifestyles. Her commitment to creating a greener future aligns seamlessly with our school's values of environmental responsibility.

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The Strength of Student Voices at Surval Montreux

At Surval Montreux, the Student Voices of Etiquette and Events, Charity, Digital Communications, and Sustainability provide students with the opportunity to engage with topics they are passionate about. This unique approach fosters a sense of responsibility and leadership among our student body.


Leaders of Change: Maiia, Victoria, Valeria, and Rosie

Maiia, Victoria, Valeria, and Rosie collectively represent the diverse and dynamic leadership within Surval Montreux. Their roles as Student Ambassadors exemplify the school's commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals with a global perspective.

Stay tuned for updates on the impactful projects and initiatives led by Maiia, Victoria, Valeria, and Rosie. As they continue to shape a brighter future for Surval Montreux and beyond, these inspiring young leaders are truly making a difference in their chosen focus areas. Together, they are leaders of positive change!