Skiing Traditions at Surval Montreux: A Journey from Finishing School Elegance to Alpine Adventure

31 January 2024

With our unique location overlooking the Swiss Alps and Lac Léman, we have a rich history that intertwines with the skiing tradition, dating back to the days when the school served as a finishing school. Today, we continue to offer our students an unparalleled experience in the snowy embrace of the Swiss mountains.


Andermatt Adventures

In the bygone era when Mr. Sidler led Surval Montreux, the young women of the school would embark on skiing adventures to Andermatt. Those early days laid the foundation for a longstanding relationship between Surval and the enchanting Swiss Alps. Our Survaliennes fondly recall their skiing escapades, speaking with deep emotion about the memories forged during their time at Andermatt.


Evolution into Winter Sports Excellence

Fast forward to the present, and skiing has become a central focus of Surval Montreux's Winter Term sports agenda. Every Thursday, students hit the slopes at the local resort, Villars-Gryon, honing their skills against the stunning backdrop of the Swiss landscape. Weekends bring additional skiing opportunities in renowned destinations like Zermatt, Verbier, Saas Fee, and Les Portes du Soleil, ensuring that Survaliennes continue to create lifelong memories on the slopes.


Ski Week for a full experience

A highlight of the winter calendar is the much-anticipated Ski Week, where the entire school, alongside Winter Campers who join us for shorter stays, embarks on a week-long adventure filled with exhilarating winter activities. Daily skiing sessions provide not only skill refinement but also a canvas for the creation of cherished memories that will last a lifetime.


The skiing tradition at Surval Montreux has evolved from the refined elegance of finishing school escapades to a dynamic, adventure-filled experience in the heart of the Swiss Alps. As students continue to carve their way through the snow, Surval remains a beacon for those seeking not just an education but an unforgettable and transformative experience in a unique setting.