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Student Blog: Our Ski Week at Anzère

07 February 2020

Last week, the Surval girls left on another tremendous trip to snowy Anzère ready to have fun and improve their techniques for skiing and snowboarding. On Saturday morning, we all left excited for the packed agenda waiting for us in Anzère on the Surval school buses. The nearer we got to Anzère the more eager I was to begin the week and I could see more and more snow piling up in the icy streets. As soon as we arrived to the hotel, we had a complete tour of the village led by the ski instructors and they all introduced themselves. They were all so friendly and nice, I could tell we were going to have an amazing day together.

On Sunday, we had our first ski day. Most of the day we skied, from the morning until 4h00. We were all exhausted that I took a nap and almost all of us did. After dinner we did my personal favorite activity, ice skating. We skated with music calmly but once we all got the hang of it, we began competing with each other. It was hilarious seeing everyone jumping and falling but always getting back up.

The next day, we also skied as usual but at night, we had another thrilling activity. We went sledding down a steep mountain covered in powdery white snow. It was my first time sledding and I found it incredible. The more speed I gathered the more exciting it was! Of course, I fell a couple of times but the teachers were always there to help us up. We had a restful night to recover our energy for the next day.


The following day, after learning how to ski backward (so cool), we had a chance to go out for dinner while the other girls went to the Anzère Spa and Wellness. My friends and I went to a local restaurant which sold burgers. We played board games while eating juicy burgers accompanied by fries and homemade lemonade.


On Thursday, we went skiing at Crans Montana, a nearby ski resort. It had fresh and powdery snow perfect for skiing and the resort was huge. We explored the entire mountain and had a picnic in the snow! When we returned to the hotel, we went to a place where we could jump 3 meters down into an airbag. I was so scared but once I finally did it, I couldn’t stop doing it. We had so much fun jumping and Roby even did a front flip!


Friday was sadly our last day, we tried skiing as much as we could and when we thought the day was over, the ski school surprised us with a competition where we would have turned to ski down a mountain with a couple of obstacles and whoever did it in the least amount of time won. Alejandra (Swiss Gap, Mexico) got first place, Charlotte (Grade 11, UK) got second, and Nastya (Grade 12, Russia) got third, but in the end we were all winners and were given medals for our hard work during the week. We celebrated the week by going to Chez Ania and Hubi for a Karaoke night and drank hot chocolate while singing our hearts out.

Sadly, the week had come to an end, but on our way back to Surval I reflected on everything we did and how much we improved on our skiing and snowboarding. I was so glad to be part of this trip and was eager to continue skiing on Thursdays to continue improving.