Student Blog - Top Tips for Successful School Blogs

12 March 2020

Following a comparative study of other schools’ blogs and their own favourite fashion, food, and lifestyle blogs, our girls devised their own top tips for successful blogging to win readers’ interest and reach out to a wider audience.

Blogging is a popular and effective way of communicating our stories, ethos and values to the wider world.  As an international school, we must take into consideration that our audience has different cultures, beliefs and ideals.  

Blogs are powerful tools for connecting with others on relevant, topical issues. Our School Blog at Surval allows students to communicate in a real-world environment, to express themselves 21st century style! 

  1. High-quality images ‘sell’!  The human brain by default chooses the most efficient and easiest way to filter through information, pictures catch our brains’ attention much more effortlessly compared to text. Furthermore, readers are more likely to click on pictures they connect with, whether it is on an aspirational or emotional basis. If your images do not meet these criteria your readers may pass your blog post without a second’s thought.
  2. Catchy titles are a must. Avoid long titles that take the wind out of your content’s sails. Instead go for short, direct, and creative. Here again, the brain has a role to play, do not make it work too hard to get it interested in the topic.
  3. Be sure your topic is interesting. Ensure your blog covers topics that make connections between ideas, reflect your school’s mission, and present thought-provoking content. 
  4. Get to the point. Concise writing is key. Keep your blog short and snappy. Give the reader the information they want and need rather than writing a descriptive essay. Most blogs will be read on a phone, probably between activities, so if they are too long, you may lose your reader with the ping of a text.
  5. Write from an authentic perspective. Students are savvy and will see right through any communication that is not genuine. Err towards an honest, inquisitive, or reflective tone rather than language that is flowery or forced.