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Student Blog: Interview on MUN Conference

08 October 2019

This weekend, four students from Surval attended an MUN Conference at Haut Lac International School, also attended by MUN representatives from various schools in the area. For three of the girls, new members of the MUN Club, this was their first experience of participating in an MUN Conference. You can read our MUN Coordinator, Mr Smale’s account of the day here, to discover how all the Surval girls rose to the challenge of the day; and, read on for an interview with Soledad, G9, Mexico. This was Soledad’s first MUN Conference and, not only did she overcome her nerves and participate, but she walked away with the Award for Best Delegate, an extremely impressive achievement for her first MUN event! 

Was this your first MUN Conference? If yes, how did you feel beforehand? 

Yes, this was my very first MUN conference. Beforehand I felt a bit overwhelmed. I was not sure how much research I had to prepare and if I was even ready. I was scared because I like to take time to write my speeches but at the conference it’s very limited. I felt excited but nervous.

Share some of your impressions from the Conference. How did you feel initially? What were your highlights? How did you feel by the end of the two days? 

Some of my highlights from the Conference were when we were debating a resolution I had many facts against. This helped me write a very persuasive and passionate speech. Good speeches always help to win over voters. I also loved having questioning that proved my point against the other delegates. One of my favorite parts was when they announced a surprise worldwide emergency and everyone had to work to find an appropriate resolution. At the end I realized how much I loved it and want to go back for more. Now, I can't wait for our conference at Le Rosey.

What impact did attending this Conference have on you?

The impact the Conference had on me was learning to think on my feet. I love to participate in debates and different discussions like these so this really helped me practice. When you only have two minutes to do an important speech supporting your clause, you have to consider every question they may ask and then turn it around to help your argument. Doing research, being in-depth and precise was challenging, but incredibly fun.

What do you think is the value of being a member of the Model United Nations club and attending Conferences like these?

The most obvious value is about learning about current events and world issues. It helps you stay on top of recent problems and situations. With this comes teamwork, creative problem solving and thinking on your feet. These are very important for everyday life. Without these skills it would be hard to find a good job and do it properly. It helps you put more effort in and actually try. MUN also builds up your confidence. Public speaking makes you go out of your comfort zone and try new things.

Thank you to Soledad for her thoughtful and descriptive responses, and congratulations again on your Best Delegate Award!