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Student Blog: My highlights of the Prague trip

26 November 2019

Last weekend, a group of Surval girls and staff flew to Prague for four days exploring this historical Eastern European capital city. Roby (FY, Mexico), shares her personal highlights from the trip below. Thank you to Vivi (FY, Mexico) for being our official trip photographer, and to Roby for sharing supporting images!

We had many different experiences on our trip to Prague; we saw some beautiful sites; learned some interesting facts; and had lots of fun! I am going to share with you some of my personal favourite moments from this long weekend in the capital of Czech…

I loved walking on Charles Bridge, a pedestrian cobbled bridge lined with statues, with my friends - it was sunny and cold, and the sunlight lit up the gold detail of a striking statue of Jesus on the crucifix. We learned from our Student Handbook (thanks, Dagmar!) that King Charles the IV built the bridge in 1357 and they actually used eggs in its construction – apparently, eggs are strong building material! The river Vltava flows under the bridge - it is a wide river, and the buildings and trees along the river were reflected on the water.

One of the most famous places in Prague is the Old Town Square, a big cobbled square lined with beautiful old buildings, including the huge church, the Church of Our Lady before Týn. We took an open-carriage horse ride from here, discovering more of the old town. Exploring Prague with friends throughout the weekend was so much fun - we shopped and ate “trdelnik”, a traditional Czech sweet, which is like a waffle pancake in a spiral shape – yum! Of course, we had to make sure that we went to the famous John Lennon Wall to take some photographs - this is a wall covered in colourful graffiti, including a big spray-paint portrait of John Lennon himself, and with messages of love and peace written all over the wall in many different languages. It was lovely to see people from all over the world writing about living in peace. 

One of my highlights was visiting the Klementinum Library, which is a stunning building built in the Baroque style (Baroque architecture is a highly decorative and theatrical style which appeared in Italy in the early 17th century and gradually spread across Europe). The main room of the library has a very high ceiling, covered in a beautiful fresco, and the shelves are filled with old leather-bound books. In the centre of the room was an antique globe and some statues. A literal high point was when we climbed up some very steep, scary wooden steps to get to the roof - on the way back down these steps, some of the girls even went down sitting because of how steep they were! From the roof, we could see all of Prague’s colourful buildings and burnt-orange roofs - it was a great spot for a photo-shoot with all our friends!

Some other unforgettable moments were the Jazz Boat Cruise along the River Vltava (including apple juice shots!), a cookery course, where we learned how to make some traditional Czech food, and a fire-breathing show at the medieval “U Brabant” tavern.

All in all, it was a fun and interesting long weekend exploring Prague and discovering its beautiful and fascinating culture!