Surval's Student-Led Charity Initiatives Make a Lasting Impact

10 December 2023

Explore the incredible efforts of Surval students in their Charity & Service initiatives during the past term. From local to global causes, these students have not only made a difference in the lives of those they aim to help but have also inspired a collective community approach. Join us as we delve into the meaningful work with charities such as Cartons du Coeur and Evam Domaine Foyer.


Cartons du Coeur - A Decade of Dedication

Surval students actively participate in Cartons du Coeur, a charity dedicated to collecting groceries and toiletries for the less fortunate. Rain or shine, these girls selflessly contribute their time every Tuesday night to distribute essential items to the community. The longstanding partnership, spanning nearly ten years, sets Surval apart as the only school making such a significant contribution to this noble cause. The commitment of these students not only aids those in need but also provides a unique opportunity to practice and enhance their French language skills.


Evam Domaine Foyer - Nurturing Hope for Displaced Children

In collaboration with Evam Domaine Foyer, Surval supports refugees, specifically children from war-torn Ukraine. The students actively engage in creating a positive environment, hosting weekly arts/crafts workshops and lessons in French and Maths. Their dedication extends beyond regular activities; when called upon, Surval students rally to raise funds for specific needs within the Foyer community. This year, their efforts contributed to supporting a couple expecting twins, showcasing Surval's commitment to fostering long-lasting relationships and changing children's lives for the better.


Moldovan Clothes Bank - Surval's Generosity Knows No Bounds

In a unique twist, Surval students were encouraged to donate their unwanted clothes to a Moldovan Clothes Bank. What started as an initiative to send one box turned into an overwhelming success, with the students donating over three boxes of clothing. This display of generosity highlights the diverse and impactful nature of Surval's charity program.


Conclusion: Charity and Service Flourishing at Surval

As the term concludes, Surval celebrates the thriving culture of Charity and Service among its students. The enthusiasm and dedication of each girl contribute to a collective goal of making a difference in the lives of those who need it most. The Surval community eagerly anticipates continuing this impactful work in the Winter Term, driven by the passion and commitment of every student.