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Surval Swiss Tour: Student Blog

20 December 2021

Delightful traditional food, breath-taking landscapes, theme parks and mountain hikes… all of this and more made our Swiss Tour this past October simply unforgettable.

Our two-week adventure began on an early Sunday morning, as we packed the bus with our luggage and set off. Our first stop was the Camille Bloch Chocolate Factory. We took a tour around the museum and got to learn all about Camille’s chocolate empire. Then, after lunch, it was time to make our own chocolate bars. The workshop was certainly fun, and the chocolate was simply delicious! Switzerland does have the most exquisite chocolate in the world. After a ‘sweet’ day at the factory, we ended the day with dinner at Gifthüttli, a traditional restaurant in Basel. We had such a successful first day, we couldn’t help but get excited for everything that was coming in the next couple of weeks.

One of our next Swiss Tour highlights came the day we went to Europa Park. We crossed the Swiss-German border to get to Rust, where one of Europe’s biggest theme parks was awaiting. The chilly weather certainly didn’t stop us from having a fantastic day at the park. We rode all the roller coasters, played lots of games, ate plenty of candy, and had some good laughs.

Another unforgettable day was, without a doubt, our day in Zurich. The first half of the day we were given some free time for shopping and lunch. My friends and I had such a good fondue! After that, our afternoon went by quickly as we went from store to store doing some shopping. For the day’s grand finale, we went to the Knie Circus. A spectacular experience! We all cheered and clapped as people juggled, told jokes, did motorcycle tricks, balanced on the tightrope, and so much more. By the time we got back to the hotel, we were all so exhausted but ecstatic after such an exceptional day, we all loved it.

Zermatt was another highlight. The city was beautiful, and I found it unique with all sorts of shops all around. On our first morning there, we woke up early and put on our warmest clothes, for we were going all the way up to the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise! After three lift rides and some walking, we were there. The view was simply stunning, the snow was beginning to fall up there and we could already see some people skiing. We took some lovely pictures that day!

Summer sledging in Monte Tamaro, raclette evening in a beautiful local restaurant, the absolute beauty of Lucerne, delicious ravioli making… our memoirs on tour are infinite!

We wrapped up the trip in Interlaken, a charming city and, personally, one of my favourites. We shopped, ate, walked, and had a fantastic time. On our last night, we had a delicious final dinner with some magnificent Italian food, and we got to celebrate Ms Dudley’s birthday all together. Happy birthday, Ms Dudley!

These weeks were filled with memories and remarkable moments for all of us. We got to hear the different languages spoken around Switzerland, to try their food and see some culture. Such a rewarding experience!

Montserrat, Surval Swiss Gap student