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Viviana Aguilar Izquierdo - resident photographer and fellow Survalienne

12 July 2022

Viviana Aguilar, Surval summer camp photographer and fellow Survalienne, studied at Surval until 2020, before returning to Mexico to study at Tecnologico de Monterrey. Vivi first applied for the camp photographer role after seeing the opportunity to become a summer camp assistant. Her love for her old school, the memories and the guaranteed adventure shifted her direction towards Surval this summer, believing her time here could be an exciting opportunity to encourage and inspire young girls. 

Upon her return to Surval, Vivi expressed: “Coming back to Surval was a roller coaster of emotions. A wave of nostalgia overcame me when going through those big wooden doors. Everything was the same, but I felt completely different. I am gaining a new perspective on my own adventure, seeing younger girls bond and form what I know will be long-lasting memories, experiences, and friendships.

The most exciting part of coming back was meeting the girls on their first day and witnessing their transformation throughout the first week. The girls became confident and friendly, opened up more each day, and developed their unique personalities and characters. I am most excited to join in on the incredible trips and excursions the girls partake in to capture the essence of their youth.”


We often see our students returning to the place they once called home. These women, our alumnae, we call our fellow ‘Survaliennes’. Vivi reflects on what being a Survalienne means to her. “For me, being a Survalienne means being part of a diverse community of girls with one common denominator, the search for reaching our full potential. Whether part of something bigger than yourself or becoming a confident and independent woman, every Survalienne is guaranteed to be open-minded and a helping hand. Being a Survalienne means I’ve learned and grown and continue to do so.”

Vivi’s next steps in her journey lead her to the UK, with another semester abroad at CATS Canterbury. She will continue with her photography and delights in keeping in touch with the Surval community, being a champion and ambassador for her former school.