Message to Class of 2020 Graduates and Survaliennes

06 July 2020

Once a Survalienne, always a Survalienne!  Our valued alumnae form a precious network across the world.  

This year, Surval’s Global Graduation and Prizegiving was hosted at Surval, joined online by over 100 guests in countries spanning South East Asia to the Americas.  Guest Speaker Survalienne Amalia Lopez (1996, Mexico) gave a heartfelt address to the Surval Community worldwide, inspiring us all from her home in Monterrey with her charisma, wisdom and delivery. 

“Hello Surval Students, Surval Family and Surval Friends

It is an honor to be here with you today, Maybe we are not physically together, but we certainly feel more connected than ever.  Today, from Monterrey in Mexico, I wish to speak form my heart, to your hearts.

Some of the first memories I have of Surval are the never-ending sunflower fields on the ride from the airport to Montreux. I remember how I first saw that scenery back in 1996, ready to become a Surval student. Bright yellow flowers all turning to where the light and warmth of the sun is, mixed with powerful feelings of excitement, nervousness, expectation, and curiosity. What new experiences will I have in a school with girls from all over the world, that like me, are eager to discover the world?

For the past four years, I have had the privilege to return to Surval as a Jewellery Design Teacher, and have attended the last 4 Graduations.  I have witnessed how you girls have blossomed, have found your passions in life, and made friends for life.

Our travels are not measured in kilometers but in how much we open our hearts to new people; cherish new experiences and how much we are willing to deeply connect with one another overseeing boundaries and differences.  Studying abroad builds a young woman in a very unique way.

Graduating class of 2020 you are outstanding, you are exceptional!  As we are passing through one of the toughest challenges in history, here you are, celebrating your hard work, discipline and resilience, in triumph.  

Every day brings a new opportunity to believe, to choose, to create.  Now we all realize that it’s not about us, true joy comes when serving others, when we connect.  Never before have we felt more present without being physically together. We have learned how to hug with our words, kiss with our eyes, and comfort with our love.  Our egocentric ways have been shattered by empathy, caring and true connection.  We have become more vulnerable and thus more courageous.

Graduating Class: Anastasiia, Eksha, Elizaveta, Faith, Sophie - as those sunflowers, paving the way to Surval, may you always turn towards the good, towards the bright side of circumstances.  May you see an opportunity in every challenge.  Your life purpose is a gift, waiting to be unwrapped, hidden in dreams waiting to be pursued, ready to happen, ready to bring you the greatest joy.  I’m sure that everywhere you go, you’ll take Surval in your heart.”


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