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Art Masterclasses at Surval

25 January 2022

A new online Arts Programme launched at Surval Montreux on Monday 24th of January!

This week our boarding students took part in a very interesting and engaging art masterclass conducted by contemporary ink artist Tula Parker

For me the masterclass was really about letting go of any preconceived perfectionist ideas about ourselves and our work and giving us a safe space to really experiment with transferring our emotions onto paper. Using ink was a new experience for a lot of us and I loved the free-spirited art we all produced! 

Samantha (Swiss Gap, Portugal)

Tula is an artist and illustrator based in Brighton, UK. She makes work that is both beautiful, elegant, expressive, and meaningful. 

Working in ink, pencil, watercolour and print, Tula is a skilled observational artist that tells stories, captures moments, and offers glimpses into our varied and fascinating human experience. She believes in finding ways to better understand each other, and her visual language is based on thorough research and sensitivity to the people and subjects she works with.  


In this workshop, students were exploring ink, mark making, and creating a visual language using unusual drawing tools and experimental techniques. Putting aside realism is a good way to find new ways of working. During the second half of the workshop, our girls put this new visual language into context within their own area of interest, by drawing and painting people, objects and still lives.

I very much enjoyed the art masterclass because it gave me a lot of new ideas. All the techniques we used will be very helpful for my Advanced Placement AP Art Project, and I will make sure to include them.

Ekaterina (Grade 11, Russia)

Take a look at the exciting programme of Surval Montreux' online art masterclasses coming up, all are hosted online be renowned and exciting contemporary artists: click here to find out more.

The art masterclass was great. As an AP (Advanced Placement) Art student it really gave me time to explore different ideas and medias, and it was helpful speaking to Tula as she is very knowledgeable in ink art. It was a fun media to learn about and use. All in all a great experience!

Layla (Grade 12, Switzerland)

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