Unlocking Language and Confidence: Rosie's Journey with Surval Montreux's French Language and Culture Programme

22 December 2023

Unlocking Language and Confidence: Rosie's Journey with Surval Montreux's French Language and Culture Programme


Welcome to Surval Stories, where we dive into the transformative experiences of our students. In this edition, we sit down with Rosie, a vibrant gap student hailing from Ireland, who embarked on a three-month journey with Surval Montreux's French Language and Culture Programme. Join us as Rosie shares her remarkable insights into language development, cultural immersion, and personal growth.


Enhancing French Fluency

Rosie's journey at Surval has been a testament to the effectiveness of our French Language and Culture Programme. She reflects on her notable progress, from improved pronunciation and accent to mastering casual phrases, bringing her on the brink of fluency. The unique approach of the program extends beyond traditional classrooms, seamlessly integrating language learning into real-life experiences during cultural excursions.


Diverse Learning Experience

One of the hallmarks of Surval is its diverse curriculum. Rosie delves into her class schedule, highlighting subjects like Etiquette, Art History, and Culinary Arts. The incorporation of these varied disciplines enriches the educational experience, providing students with a well-rounded understanding of language and culture.


Unity Among Students

Rosie emphasizes the sense of unity among students of all ages at Surval. In a departure from conventional school dynamics, girls of different age groups interact and support each other, fostering a uniquely collaborative environment. Rosie's experience speaks to the enriching conversations and relationships that flourish within our community.


Personal Growth and Leadership

Beyond linguistic and cultural development, Surval has been a catalyst for Rosie's personal growth. As the leader of the Environmental Society, she shares her newfound confidence and leadership skills. Surval Montreux's supportive atmosphere has empowered Rosie to step into roles she might not have envisioned before, proving that Surval is not just a school but a platform for self-discovery.


Girls Support Girls

For Rosie, the transition to an all-girls school has been a revelation. The mantra of "Girls support girls" echoes throughout Surval, creating a nurturing environment where individual achievements are celebrated, and judgment is rare. Rosie's positive experience underscores the unique camaraderie that defines the Surval community.


Confidence in Uniqueness

A major takeaway from Rosie's Surval experience is the newfound confidence in her abilities. Surval has shown her that she can excel in public speaking and take on leadership roles. The supportive community and diverse perspectives have empowered her to embrace her uniqueness.


Rosie's Advice to Prospective Gap Students

To those considering Surval for a gap experience, Rosie's advice is clear: "Do it! It's so much fun, and it genuinely helps your French." She highlights the enjoyable trips and the myriad opportunities for personal development, from etiquette to art history, making Surval Montreux a truly special place.


Closing Thoughts

In Rosie's words, Surval Montreux is not just a school; it's a really nice place to be. The combination of supportive peers, diverse learning experiences, and the picturesque surroundings make Surval a unique and enriching environment for students seeking more than just academic growth. Join us at Surval, where language, culture, and personal development converge for an unforgettable educational journey.