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Student Stories

At Surval, we help girls create powerful stories that transform their tomorrows. We are very proud of the various paths our girls have taken after completing their study programmes with us.

"At Surval I have met some of the most amazing friends, teachers and staff I have ever encountered. I have experienced things that I will carry with me as I start my journey to the future. My time at Surval changed me in many profound ways, and for that I will be eternally grateful. Thank you all for what you have taught me and the life experience I have received."

Anne Marie (Survalienne, Class of 2014)

"I spent three years at Surval, and those three years were the best of my life. They say wisdom comes from the experiences that life gives us, and I admit that with these 3 years I've learned more than ever."

Alejandra (Survalienne, Class of 2016)


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