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A Middle Eastern Adventure: Dubai Trip

Posted on: 16th April 2018 | Category: Trips and excursions

During the Easter break a group of Surval staff and students traveled to the exciting city of Dubai to explore its culture, customs and key sights. 

Mariana (Foundation Year) explains what she enjoyed the most about the trip:

The activity with the biggest Wow factor for me in Dubai was the trip to the desert, especially the crazy ride across the sand dunes and then stopping off to see the amazing sunset in a completely uninhabited space. The memory of seeing a genuine Bedouin man dressed in his traditional clothing, sitting with his camel at the side of the road seemed to belong to an ancient time and yet when I looked more closely I noticed he was using a mobile phone, linking the past and present.

The atmosphere in the desert camp in the dark when all the stars were out, was magical. I really enjoyed eating the traditional food there sitting with everyone on the carpets at the low tables with the lanterns. The lady doing the Henna tattoos did a really good job.

The other standout for me of course was the delicious food, especially from Shake Shack in the Dubai Mall. The visit to the Grand Mosque was very interesting and I wore my traditional Abaya. The white marble was so cooling on my feet and the wind blowing over the shallow blue pools created really pretty ripples. The colourful tiling was impressive. If I ever went back to Dubai I would definitely go back to Shake Shack.

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