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A quick trip to The Feast of St Martin

Posted on: 21st November 2016

On Tuesday November 8, the Surval girls spent the morning in Vevey for a truly memorable Swiss experience, the celebration of the feast of Saint Martin. Foire de la St-Martin dates to medieval Switzerland and celebrates Saint Martin, the patron saint of Vineyards! Back in the Middle Ages, the fair was an opportunity for local merchants to come and trade their produce tax free for one day.

On arrival in Vevey, the girls were treated to the vibrant annual St-Martin procession, led by St-Martin himself, as the Grand Marshall of the parade, accompanied by medieval solders on horseback. Residents of Vevey, clad in traditional Swiss dress, followed with baskets of local produce. They were followed by a parade of arguably the most pampered looking farm animals in Europe—cows and sheep obediently following St-Martin to the Place de la Marche. Groomed Cows, with their traditional Swiss bells, added to the cacophony of drums and other instruments.

After the procession, the girls had some free time to wander the labyrinth of pop up stalls in the Place de la Marche. Culinary delights such as artisan sausages, chocolate waffles and the traditional Swiss rosti could not be resisted, while hot chocolate was a much-appreciated treat on the cold day. Other stalls included handcrafts and knit wear. We really enjoyed the experience of Foire de la St-Martin and the opportunity it brought to become immersed in Swiss culture.

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