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A visit to the crystal museum

Posted on: 3rd March 2014 | Category: Music, theater and art, Swiss adventures

On a glorious  Wednesday afternoon, both Surval school buses were loaded with students. Off to Lausanne we went, to the beautiful Palais de Rumine, a 19th-century building of the Florentine Renaissance style. And what did we find there on the 5th floor? Every girl’s best friend: diamonds, raw gold, silver and gems and one of the largest collections of minerals in all of Europe. A gift from the Tsar Alexander the First, brought to Lausanne by his tutor, Frédéric-César de La Harpe. Black light, or ultra-violet lamps, cause the minerals to floresce, an exciting surprise allowing us to experience the mysteries of the wonders of the earth in colour. And, also, the 'star of the exhibit', the largest gold nugget ever listed, weighing 57.3 kg.

After the mineral exhibit, we visited the fossil collection and saw the 16.000 year-old fossil skeleton of a mammoth, one of the most complete ever found in Europe.

And finally, to top off our visit, back down to the 4th floor, we entered the Musée Cantonal des Beaux-Arts. Here we saw a wonderful exhibition of sculpture by Switzerland's favourite, Alberto Giacometti, and also the work of the Italien, Marino Marini, and the French artist, Germaine Richier.

An afternoon of science and art was enjoyed by us all in one of Switzerland's treasured buildings dedicated to the public for cultural and scientific exhibits. 

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