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A weekend of fashion design!

Posted on: 20th April 2015 | Category: Boarding life, Clubs and societies

At the beginning of each term, Surval organises a ‘closed weekend’ when all the girls stay in school to take part in a fun team-building activity.  This is important in reinforcing and tightening the small family community which makes Surval so special.  It gives everyone the chance to get to know any new girls who may have arrived, and it also allows all the girls to spend some quality time together after the holidays.

This weekend saw the girls take part in a fashion design workshop led by an established designer, Tilly O’Neill.  Tilly is the creator and owner of her own company, and in her introduction on Friday evening gave the girls an insight into the demands of running a successful business.  The girls were very interested, and some budding businesswomen among them were eager to ask Tilly for advice for the future. 

On Saturday morning the girls were set a group task - design and create an item of clothing!  In their teams they got straight to work.  What became obvious was that there was a lot more to fashion design than first meets the eye.  The girls realised that fashion design is not just about drawing pretty clothes, but also about concept and trends – from where can we draw inspiration, and how can we explain the ideas behind our creations?  This required the girls to think through their concepts carefully as they would be judged the following day.

Sunday morning was frantic as the girls added the finishing touches to their designs, and tied their concept together with appropriate make-up, hair, music, shoes…  And then it was catwalk time!  The girls modelled their designs for everyone, and the teams then had to explain and justify to a panel of judges their thinking behind their designs.  Some girls brought elements of the past into their designs, with outfits inspired by the 20s, 60s and 70s.  Others transported us across Europe with a Greek-inspired design, whilst the winning group looked to the world of high fashion, drawing inspiration from Dolce and Gabbana’s latest collection.  Each concept was clever, original and well thought-out.

It was a very enjoyable and worthwhile weekend which sparked Surval school spirit anew - a fantastic start to the Summer Term!

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