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Amsterdam Trip 2017

Posted on: 4th April 2017

On Wednesday 8th March - International Women’s Day - 26 Surval girls left school for a short break in Amsterdam. The first day, one of our most cultural and moving experiences in Amsterdam was our visit to the Anne Frank house.

“I found the visit to Anne Frank’s house particularly interesting, firstly because you couldn’t take any photographs, which meant you had to pay attention to every little detail. The writings and the words which were located in every room were fascinating and at the same time heart- breaking to read. It was as if I was in Anne’s head at the time she was there, reliving her thoughts, feeling and emotions,” – Lucia Saiz, Grade 10

“Anne Frank’s house was the most interesting part of Amsterdam for me. I was able to understand the frustration the two families had living in the hidden annex. The fact they were not allowed to go outside and see the world made me sad. Anne Frank was a strong person and someone I admire,” – Macarena Ruiz, Liberal Arts

Following a welcome break to explore, we enjoyed a walking tour of the city with our interesting and entertaining guide, including visits to churches, the oldest parts of the city, Rembrandt’s house and the highest point in the city (which only involved a climb up four steps, a far cry from the mountains of Switzerland!).

On the Friday we visited two famous museums, in the morning the Museum of Bags and Purses, which left many of the girls wanting to do some shopping, and the Van Gogh museum. En route to the Van Gogh museum we stopped at the iconic I Amsterdam sign; though very busy, the girls spent lots of time here taking photos. On arrival, we were met by two tour guides who were prepared to not only give us a tour but an interactive lesson in the gallery which saw the girls try and recreate one of the artists famous works “The Room”.

“The Van Gogh museum was really interesting!”- Fernanda Graniello, Foundation Year

On our final full day in Amsterdam we visited the NEMO science museum, a lovely space to relax and to play. The three hours there went quickly for the girls who found themselves building dams, managing a supply chain and partaking in experiments. Following our educational morning the girls took the afternoon to browse and explore Amsterdam further.

The girls took away many and varied memories from their time in the city.

“Whilst in Amsterdam we happened to come across a women’s march; witnessing this event has forever changed my life. I was very happy to see that 20,000 women and men stood up for the beliefs I also share with them,” – Alexa Aguilar, Foundation Year

“The best bit for me was shopping and spending time with my friends, exploring the city on our own,” Violetta Van Waldberg, Grade 11

That evening for a final treat of the trip, we embarked upon a canal cruise around Amsterdam, complete with entertaining hosts and delicious pizza. We sailed past nearly every sight we had visited during the trip and, for those of us with less sense of direction, this pieced together the trip very well, as well as being an enjoyable, relaxed evening together.

“The city was beautiful. I loved the little restaurants over-looking the canal and all the small streets intertwining together. I especially enjoyed the canal cruise at the end of the trip, it was a chance for us all to relax, spend time with each other and enjoy the sights of Amsterdam from the boat,” Flavia Madriz, Liberal Arts

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