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An evening of music at Surval

Posted on: 20th November 2013 | Category: Music, theater and art

Tuesday evening was an evening of musical education, and delight for us all. The saxophone playing by Chico Freeman and his accompanist Reto held us all spellbound for well over an hour. Not only was the musical performance an education but we also learned much about saxophones, and the Hang (a Swiss steel drum).

Chico and Reto answered a series of questions from us all after they had finished playing. We were all impressed with the long list of celebrities Chico had had the privilege to play alongside, Michael Jackson, (‘I can’t believe he played with Michael Jackson!’), Alicia Keys, a number of early Mowtown bands, Miles Davis to name but a few. Girls were especially impressed with Chico’s tribute to his father’s influence: ‘his mum didn’t want him to play saxophone at all’.

A number of girls took advantage of the opportunity to buy the CDs on offer, in order to have a tangible memory of a great night. Thank you so much Chico and Reto! Several girls wrote that they are waiting for his next concert in Biel.

‘I had lots of fun: I loved how he came up to us and was so funny! It was cool when he played the sax non-stop for 3 minutes!’

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