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An unforgettable experience that allowed me not only to expand my knowledge of art but also of life

Posted on: 25th January 2019 | Category: Boarding life, Music, theater and art

"What is art? Art is a way of expressing ourselves without the need of words. It is a way of expressing ourselves through magnificent figures that can take any form – maybe a painting, maybe a photograph or maybe a sculpture – and the best part is that all we need to create art is a little imagination."

FY’s Graciela Bosotina (Mexico/Croatia) reflects on the “golden opportunity” of being invited on a private tour of several Art Expositions in Italy in our latest Student Blog

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We need to stay safe on the internet

15th February 2019

We need to stay safe on the internet

Ski Week in Anzère

6th February 2019

Ski Week in Anzère

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