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Annecy is visited by Surval Students

Posted on: 3rd July 2014 | Category: Trips and excursions

On the Thursday after the exams teachers decided to give the students a surprise day as a reward for all the hard work during exams. We headed off to Annecy, France to visit the Gorges du Fier ten kilometers from Annecy. Walking along an elevated pathway that clings to the side of the gorge about 20 meters up from the river we encountered many fantastic sights carved into the rock by many years of swiftly running water. Along the way there were many interesting geological formations and clearly written signs to read about the area and of the legend of the gorge.

After the gorge we proceeded to visit Annecy itself, at the tip of Lake Annecy. This Medieval town boasts a castle in the middle of a canal which has been referred as the Venice of France. Many of us enjoyed a meal at a sidewalk café along the canal watching the ducks and swans swim by. After wandering through the old town and making a few purchases from the craft shops it was time to head back to Montreux. A great day out!

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