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Anzère Ski Week 2018

Posted on: 13th February 2018 | Category: Boarding life, Special events, Sport, Trips and excursions

A long-awaited event at Surval: the annual ski week in Anzère…

At the end of January when the snow is still fresh, but the weather isn’t too cold, Surval uproots from the iconic building overlooking the lake, to the resort building overlooking the slopes in the quaint and safe Swiss village of Anzère. The days are either full of skiing, snowboarding or snowshoeing – for some brave girls, all three! Then the evenings are the time to relax or participate in one of the many activities that the village offers.

Over the week all students gain confidence, learn new skills and are eventually better skiers or snowboarders! From the beginners, where they take their first snowplough (or “pizza”), to the advanced, whether they are hitting the black slopes or heading towards the park, everyone shows determination to improve. “I went from not knowing how to ski, to getting down a black,” Angeles (LA), one of our beginner skiers from Paraguay, said proudly.

Orientation on the first night is a must, getting to know the ins and outs of the village, finding the ski lift and the mandatory crepe shop! “We ran all around the village and found six of the clues!” boasted winning team member Ana (Gr11), from Mexico. Other activities included visiting the local ice rink (“I love ice skating – it is my favourite activity,” Liza G (FY), from Russia, explained, as she told us about her time on the ice) and spending an evening at a Spa: “It was great to relax in the jacuzzi after a long day skiing,” Miss King sighed appreciatively. There really is something for everyone!

Ultimately the week has to come to an end, but not before all students are given the opportunity to show off their skills in the torch lit descent down to the heart-warming (and hand-warming!) smell of hot chocolate, before all girls are presented with their well-deserved medals.

“It was the best week, I had so much fun – I would love to do it again!” enthused Mayela (G11), from Mexico– and with that, we will do it again – roll on Winter 2019!

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