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Bärner Fasnacht - Bern Carnival

Posted on: 16th February 2016 | Category: Swiss adventures

Bärner Fasnacht - Carnival in Bern has quickly become the third largest event of its kind in Switzerland. It began on a Thursday, where the bear imprisoned in the Prison Tower was woken from his winter sleep by the "Ychüblete" (drumming) and released into the town. On Saturday our students mingled through the busy streets of Bern, observing the masked revellers as they braved the winter temperatures and swarmedthrough the streets and restaurants of the Old Town. The 6km parade route along Bern's arcaded promenade vibrated with their wild rhythms and noisy music, typically known as "Guggenmusik-Cliques" (bands of carnival musicians). Full of colourful costumes and flying sweets and confetti, the students got to experience one of Switzerland's largest festivals.  Another new opportunity to experience an age-long Swiss tradition!

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