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Beautiful Blausee

Posted on: 22nd February 2018 | Category: Boarding life, Swiss adventures, Trips and excursions

Thirteen girls had signed up for a day trip to Interlaken and Blausee, two scenic spots in the Bernese-Oberland region. Unfortunately, it rained the entire day, but this did not dampen the spirits of the Surval girls! 

Our first stop was Blausee; a small lake famous for its bright blue tint, crystal clear waters and large trout. Surrounded by steep mountains, shrouded in mysterious cloud and moss, it is the perfect scene for a fairytale adventure. The girls walked around the lake and learned about the myth of the lady of the lake. Folklore tells of an artist and his love who often visited the spot. When he died, the grief stricken maiden cried tears into the lake and the "Blue Lake" turned the same colour as her eyes. The Surval students loved the area and spent a long time taking photographs by the water. 

Next was a short drive onwards to Interlaken. The town is situated in between two lakes and makes up part of the panoramic Golden Pass route. The girls spent some free time exploring, although with the rain most of it was spent in a cafe warming up. Despite the bad weather, the girls benefitted from getting outdoors in the mountain air and seeing more of Switzerland. A lovely day spent exploring!

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