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Beijing Trip 2016

Posted on: 15th April 2016 | Category: Trips and excursions

'Beijing was beautiful with a lot of history and beautiful buildings. Our guide was really nice, he was smiling all the time, he never stopped talking but he told us really interesting facts about the places we visited. I was really impressed with The Great Wall, it was amazing. People were really nice but they were always in a hurry.

We went to the Forbidden City, which was huge.  I had never imagined it was that big, but it made the long walk worth it. We also went to a place where they made tea; they show us a lot of different flavours, we tasted some of them and they were really good, and some also bought them. 

We took Tai Chi classes in a park, it was fun and relaxing. The food was amazing, especially the sweet sour chicken! We went to the Zoo to "see" pandas but it didn't live up to our expectations.  There were just three pandas and they were quite far away and there were a lot of people trying to see them so it was crowded. The only bad and sad thing was that Beijing was very polluted, so that one day we could't see the sky at all, and a lot of people were wearing masks to protect themselves.

I did like China, I enjoyed the experience, especially the fact that I went with my friends to such an unusual yet interesting place.'

Maria Jose, Mexico

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