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BMX volunteers in Echichens

Posted on: 27th October 2016 | Category: Boarding life, Commitment to communities

On Sunday morning, a group of seven eager Surval students set off to help at the BMX Championships in Echichens. Having already volunteered in September at the beginning of term, our girls were excited to be heading back to the track to lend their skills to the organisation. 

We had teams serving in the café, making excellent coffee and teas and calculating the costs of all the orders they had to process. This was, of course, delivered with beautiful smiles and the girls worked impressively in their groups. Come lunchtime, four girls took to the food stand, creating an efficient production line to serve the growing queues! We had a mix of Liberal Arts, year 12 and Foundation Year combining to make an excellent inter-year team and they practised their French non-stop, receiving much praise for their efforts.

The BMX Championship is an exciting event, not just for the spectacle of the races, but also for the fantastic volunteering opportunity that it offers. Madame Wahli, one of our French teachers and our Etiquette teacher at Surval is responsible for providing the link and she welcomed the girls back this time, making sure they were all kept very busy! All girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves and loved the responsibility of serving the public and testing all the French that they have learnt thus far. We are very proud of them and grateful to Mme Wahli and the organisation for having our students there. 


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