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Butterflies at the Papiliorama centre

Posted on: 5th May 2014 | Category: Swiss adventures

One Sunday, Surval students had the opportunity to visit the Papiliorama centre near Fribourg. This beautiful butterfly park is run by a foundation which aims to introduce the public to the diversity of tropical and indigenous fauna and flora and to actively contribute to their protection.

Here is what the Foundation Year students had to say about their experience:


‘Around us there were many different kinds of animals. First we stopped at the first door where it was warm and a lot of very beautiful and different butterflies. One of them sat on the shoulder of Ms Martin. Next room was very dark. There were night animal; bats, snakes, fish, etc. In the last door was also warm .There were animals and birds from different countries. After we went out and saw big pig, rabbit, goats, peacock and chickens.’



‘I really liked the butterfly park. It was super fun. I've seen really pretty butterflies with many different colours. There also was a room with all the most disgusting insects such as spiders and cockroaches. In the part with night animals. I was scared by the bats.’


‘The Papiliorama Park was pretty amazing! We've seen different spices of butterflies and plants, in the first section.  The butterflies were so beautiful, you can see the butterflies in their natural environment, they were not afraid of us and they could land on us. We saw the eggs, caterpillars, pupas, how the caterpillars and butterflies were eating. It was really hot in that place, the trees were looking like trees from the tropical forests.

There was another room with the night animals and it was the most scares one, the bats were everywhere, but I will remember only the positive moments, I really enjoyed this Sunday!’



‘I like the butterfly park. There were lots of different butterflies. There was food set ready for butterflies and each tree has eggs and caterpillars. They are very cute, they sometimes fly to you. In the butterfly park, it is so hot. But I like it.’



I liked the trip to a Butterfly Park because it was really interesting for me and I've never seen so big and beautiful butterflies. Also, if you go there you should think about what you are going to put on because inside the Butterfly Garden it's very hot and wet like if you are in the jungle. We've also been in the zoo and the park with night animals it was really cool to see the sloth and bats.   


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