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Calligraphy Workshop

Posted on: 23rd January 2015 | Category: Clubs and societies, Music, theater and art, Special events

The start of a new term, mid-academic year, can be a difficult time for new joiners.  For January 2015 we decided to host an interesting and challenging activity, which would help new girls to make friends quickly and achieve something creative and personal as a memento of their first weekend at Surval.

Cherrell Avery, one of UK’s leading professional calligraphers, travelled to Surval recently to run a series of workshops at the school to introduce the pupils to Western calligraphy techniques and their contemporary application. Her work is already on show in the main school entrance.

Focusing on traditional skills, the Liberal Arts students gained confidence using dip pens and ink and created their own special letter forms before trying out a formal tenth century English script. The younger students concentrated on learning a thirteenth century gothic script in their workshop. Using special calligraphy pens they were able to create colourful decorated book marks. Cherrell was impressed with the excellent work that students produced in such short time.

Participants also had the opportunity to use their new skills and artistic talents to write out quotations and explore layouts. Some super designs were created which are now on display in the school library.

'It was very interesting as I am always keen on doing some calligraphy works, or font designs. I had a wonderful time with my friends doing creative font designs, and most of the girls even went for 2 sessions!'  Liberal Arts student.

'I loved doing the workshop with different pens and colours and I made new friends too! Cherrell was brilliant!'   New student










Have a look at this!

Cherrell, from London, works to commissions and regularly exhibits her lettering art. She was calligrapher in Residence at the Victoria and Albert museum London in 2012 and was tutor on the calligraphy degree courses at the Princes’ Drawing school, Kensington Palace.  An experienced teacher, she enjoys running workshops for adults and children in UK and abroad in calligraphy and handwriting skills.

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For more photos of our Calligraphy Workshop click here.

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