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Canyoning in Chateau d’Oex

Posted on: 13th October 2015 | Category: Sport

On Sunday 4th October 9 brave students participated in canyoning in the river near Chateau d'Oex which involved scrambling, jumping and climbing down a river flowing through a gorge over water falls and through rapids. The girls were fully equipped with 3 layers of wetsuits (very necessary in water that was less than 5°C!), life jackets, boots, gloves and helmets. Each girl showed fearless determination whilst swimming through narrow gorges, flying down a zip line and throwing themselves off several cliffs and waterfalls – some as high as 33 feet! Alisa showed particular skill on the zip line, completing it twice! Sonia bravely led from the front, Taisia jumped off one of the highest cliffs without showing any sign of fear, Faith successfully jumped off every cliff and waterfall – even the last one which was optional! The rest of the girls all showed great support and team work encouraging each other every step of the way in true Surval spirit.

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