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Canyoning in the Swiss Alps

Posted on: 25th September 2017 | Category: Boarding life, Summer Camp

Seventeen Surval girls took a leap of faith last weekend, trekking out to Chateau d'Oex to go canyoning. The girls jumped out the bus nervous but excited to see what was in store. We all got dressed head to toe in our wetsuit gear, with boots and a helmet. We drove back through the stunning scenery to the beginning of a large gorge. The instructors checked our life jackets and we walked down into the valley. With one instructor at the front and one at the back, we started to scramble over the rocks and boulders into the freezing cold water. With much giggling and screams, we started to feel the water inside our wetsuits. We continued to swim and climb down the gorge, over waterfalls and between the rocks. The first big obstacle we encountered included a zip line where the girls flew along holding on before dropping into the water below. For the next drop, we jumped into the deeper water off a rock ledge. We finished off with a 10 metre high jump which all of the girls bravely completed, even though some had a few reservations! Special mention to Michelle and Manuela who after a number of attempts managed to complete the jump, showing true spirit and determination. Eager to put on some warm clothes, we then drove back to the changing rooms to peel off our wetsuits. The instructors were so complimentary about the way the girls behaved and the teamwork they displayed. The girls should be so proud of themselves and what they achieved!

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