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Canyoning in the Swiss Alps

Posted on: 11th October 2016 | Category: Boarding life, Sport, Summer Camp

On Saturday 24th September, a group of 17 curious and courageous girls and staff travelled to Chateau d’Oex to take part in a wonderful, challenging experience: Canyoning. To those who assumed that canyoning took place in boats the experience was something of a shock at the beginning.

On arrival we were greeted by an experienced and motivational team from Rivières et Aventures. Each girl was equipped with wetsuit, gloves, helmet and life jacket; many of us felt overdressed to start, not realising the river runs very cold (less than 5⁰C!) even in the warm sunny weather. So, with spirits high and singing at the top of our voices, we set off for the river.

Our journey began with a wild forest and seemingly dangerous descent into a dramatic canyon, at the bottom of which we had our first feel for the river and what was in store for us. There were plenty of nerves going around as we approached our first jumps (staff included) but soon even the most apprehensive of us within the group were happily making our way downstream. The nervous chatter heard at the start from the canyon developed quickly into shouts of encouragement and teamwork. The group quickly gained confidence in each other and navigated themselves very impressively down the canyon in true Surval style.

The sense of achievement as we emerged from the canyon was incredible. We were ready for the very welcome iced tea and biscuits which greeted us at the end, courtesy of our exceptional instructors. What a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon, swimming, sliding, splashing and jumping amidst such a spectacular setting….

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