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Cartons du Coeur charity

Posted on: 15th November 2013 | Category: Commitment to communities

''On Saturday, November 9, my friends and I volunteered to help the association Cartons du Coeur, which was created to help others in need within the Montreux region. There are several ways of helping out; our job was to let current customers of Migros know about this association, and that it donates food to those who are in need. We handed out small flyers and brochures to the public for them to encourage them to buy and donate food for Carton du Coeur.

I have had a good experience in participating in this charity work. Many people already knew abut this association, and many others weren't aware that there are still people locally in need of food. This experience has taught me that in any place of the world, you can always help those who are much less fortunate than you. I was really impressed how every girl made a real effort to participate and how many customers also participated by buying food for others. This association is very organised and improves with its success every year. I am glad to have been a part of this charity and I hope I can help again some day.''  -  Yvanna, 17, USA

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