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Chalet Soirées

Posted on: 30th May 2017

Liberal Arts & G12 Soirée May 2017

The evening of our Liberal Arts and Grade 12 Chalet Soirée was finally here! We all got dressed up, ready for a fabulous evening. It was a warm summer night and the sun was smiling down on us. We wandered down the steep driveway to the chalet, where we received a wonderful welcome from Mrs Woodhouse. We all chatted and laughed while we waited for the pizza to arrive. When it did, we sat outside in the garden, some of us at the table, and some of us on rugs on the grass, and ate our pizza with small glasses of wine. Afterwards, we took photos in the golden glow of the sunset. Then it was time for some dancing! We all took turns playing our favourite music, and Valeria and Ineria taught us some salsa dancing, and Nauf then showed us how to do Arabian dancing. We rounded off dancing the Macarena in honour of our very own Macarena! Because the soirée was Nauf’s last before leaving Surval on Thursday, we gave her a leaving present, and she made a lovely speech that had a few of us in tears! Finally, the sun went down and, as it grew colder, we made our way back up to school.

We have Chalet Soirées for all kinds of reasons, including to celebrate our achievements – I also recently went to one for all the girls who took part in the Basketball tournament in Bern; as one of the Surval cheerleaders at the competition, I was invited too! Personally, I love the Chalet Soirées as they give us a chance to congratulate one another on our achievements, and is a fun way to bond with our classmates, teachers and Headmistress!

By Tamara McVeigh

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