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Charitable baking at Surval

Posted on: 13th October 2017 | Category: Boarding life, Commitment to communities, Special events

Last weekend, many Surval girls swapped their pens for wooden spoons and their textbooks for recipe books in the name of charity.

The girls' own representatives on the charity committee had decided to step up their first fundraising effort of the year in a big way, with the dual goal of supporting the school's ongoing Habitat for Humanity fund, and the aid effort in Mexico after last month’s devastating earthquake. Both of these causes were close to the hearts of our students.

The school has established a close connection with Habitat for Humanity through last year's charity trip to Kenya. The earthquakes which hit parts of Mexico in September had a very upsetting effect on the school – particularly as a number of our students come from Mexico – and Mrs Woodhouse had spoken about the rescue and recovery effort in Assembly.

Determined to make a difference for both these causes, the girls entered the school kitchens ready for a Surval-style bake off. Under Sandra's careful guidance, they made delicious creations including banana bread, double chocolate fudge and beautifully decorated cupcakes. Despite the tempting smells and textures, almost all the mixture remained in the bowl until the cakes were baking!

We finished the weekend with a splendid spread of sweet treats, beautifully presented that tasted amazing. Throughout the week the girls held a bake sale, using every break, lunchtime and after school to sell the cakes and desserts to students and staff alike. 

They efforts raised a phenomenal CHF1100.00 to their two chosen charity causes. The girls are to be commended for their efforts and we look forward to where their kind hearts and clever baking skills will take their charity efforts next. 

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