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Christmas day at Surval

Posted on: 17th December 2015 | Category: Boarding life

On December 15 we had a ‘Christmas Day’. We all got into groups of 3 with a teacher. The organiser put us with people we don’t know very well, which worked out ok because I learned new things of other people. By the end of the day we had to bake cookies, decorate a Christmas card, bargain an item for 10 CHF at the Christmas Market, design a decoration, and finally present our finished project. Firstly, we had to come up with a theme, and our group theme was A Christmas Tree. Then we went down to Montreux to buy the ingredients needed for the cookies and our bargain. After that we designed the card and decoration. The card had the front as a Christmas Tree and our decorations were gifts for under the Christmas Tree. Also we decided on how we were going to present it for example, plate and colours. After that we baked our red almond cookies. We presented our project to the judges and whilst we waited to see the results, Secret Santa was completed! Christmas Day was very fun!

Fernanda, High School 9

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