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Do you dream of flying?

Posted on: 9th March 2017

On Sunday 19 th February, fourteen students together with two teachers went to REALFLY in Sion. It is the “first and only closed circuit skydiving simulator in Switzerland which perfectly reproduces the feeling of skydiving; it is also one of the largest simulators in the world and can accommodate up to 8 people simultaneously”. 

After having put their wind suits on, the girls went through the technical and safety procedures very carefully, including the correct position to take in the air and the signs used by the instructor to communicate during the flight. Apprehensive and a bit nervy but also very excited, the girls approached the wind tunnel, duly fitted with earplugs, helmets, and goggles, and watching intently the screen which displaying their names and waiting time.

The girls flew twice:…..

“I walked slowly towards the door and stood there almost petrified. The instructor took my hands, just one more step into the wind and suddenly… I felt like a feather. My body was floating in the air, my cheeks were flapping and I could not stop smiling! I actually looked like a chubby hamster with those flappy cheeks. The indoor skydiving wind tunnel was big enough to take me up eight metres high without touching its walls. It was absolutely incredible!”

Signorina Spigarelli, Teacher

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