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Drama Workshop

Posted on: 19th January 2016 | Category: Clubs and societies

The first weekend of the winter term at Surval began with a Drama Workshop. Although the girls were tired from their first week back at school they all came together and collaborated in the workshop. Many of the activities were dancing, exploring spaces through movement, acting out scenarios, explorations of their voices, staging and improvisation. The Art room where they were working generated a great deal of noise and laughter for those of us in more distant parts of the building, and certainly it gave an opportunity for the more active and dramatic girls amongst us to show what they could do!

Combining what they learnt on both days the girls performed short dialogues to one another in groups. It was a chance for the girls to get to know one another, gain confidence, share silliness and explore their own creative abilities.

The day’s activities were somewhat interrupted by a huge snowfall, and unsurprisingly the girls could not wait to get outside and indulge in snow fights!

For photographs, please click here

Drama Workshop - Feeling the music video!

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