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Etiquette presentations

Posted on: 17th March 2014 | Category: Etiquette and cookery

Last week the Foundation Year presented during their etiquette class, they write:

In Etiquette we were asked to present the culture and etiquette of our country; explaining about the different food, costumes and holidays. What did we think was interesting in our own country?

Farida spoke about the culture of her republic- the differences between Russia and Daghestan. “I spoke about the location of Daghestan near the Caspian Sea, how the religion being Islam is different to the rest of Russia and the traditional cuisine such as Shashlyk- meat grilled with vegetables and Hinkal which is like an empty dumpling poached in beef broth served with a sour cream and garlic sauce.”

Evelina presented on mainland Russia. “I was talking about the traditional national costumes such as the Kokoshnik and Saraphan, Russian sayings and about the Sochi Winter Olympics.”

Sofya presented on Moscow, the city, its Olympic Games in 1980 and the national holidays celebrated in Russia such as Maslenitsa which acknowledges the end of winter and “everyone eats lots of pancakes and we set fire to female scarecrows to call for a good harvest!”

Xin Yi spoke about less known Chinese food such as Moon Cake and Yuan Xiao, expensive traditional dresses which are passed down through the generations and showed pictures of a famous, beautiful lake in China that changes colour.. She also told the girls that when someone dies they have a day of mourning and they must place the chopsticks vertically at the end of a meal.

We found it really interesting to find out about other people’s cultures- even those from our own country! It was quite daunting presenting on some personal topics in front of an audience but actually it was a great learning experience. 

You can watch some of the presentations below.


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