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Exams looming? Why not use the sights and sounds of Milan’s as therapy!

Posted on: 14th May 2018 | Category: Boarding life, Trips and excursions

“Exams looming? Why not use the sights and sounds of Milan’s as therapy!”

With Milan being only three hours away by train it is the perfect city for a weekend getaway – so that is exactly what Surval girls did – after a long day at school, the girls, all excited, jumped on a train from Montreux all the way to Milan. Arriving late didn’t phase the girls in the slightest as the next morning promised sun, sightseeing and of course shopping!

The beautiful sunshine overhead meant it was time to explore the city: first stop Milan Duomo – this magnificent church based in the heart of Milan boasts 135 spires creating it’s idyllic backdrop and although it was 600 years in the making – the hard work was worth it. The late 14th century church is topped off with a rooftop terrace overlooking old and new Milan. The girls thrived on the view and as the sun was getting hotter, we came down and continued the tour towards the grandeur of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II: Milan’s high-end fashion district. Our final stop was Piazza della Scala, where the sounds of the local buskers created an electrifying atmosphere in front of one of the world’s most famous Opera Houses.

Each with their own plan, Surval girls set to the streets to complete their task for the day, whether it was to buy their Graduation gown, or to find the best Gelato, they all returned with huge smiles on their faces and memories to last a lifetime.

As the April weather was being kind, we were able to eat dinner on the outdoor terrace overlooking the Duomo itself. A definite highlight of the trip. Wonderful food, wonderful company and an incredible view… all of this, of course, was topped off with gelato!

On Sunday, unfortunately we had to say goodbye to Milan – the city has created memories in our minds, love in our hearts and muscles in our bodies to carry the inevitable heavier bags back home to Surval!

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