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Filming at Surval!

Posted on: 14th October 2014 | Category: Special events

Great excitement this week as a crew from film company Affixxius came to Surval to film the daily life of school! Led by Managing Partner Miles Latham, the team of four unobtrusively followed lessons, activities, meals, boarding life and of course the unforgettable scenery.  In their turn, the crew themselves were photographed as they went about.  The film will be ready for our website in December.  The crew will return in January for the second part of the project, to film our ski season and all winter term activities.  As many girls as possible have been involved this week, all keen to offer prospective parents and students an on-line visit to Surval.  We also have some budding actresses who particularly enjoyed the experience!


Click here for more photographs 

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