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Final trip of the school year…. South Africa

Posted on: 14th June 2016 | Category: Trips and excursions

May 28th 2016 was a special day for twelve students and three teachers at Surval. It was the day we would embark on our long journey to Cape Town, South Africa. With everyone packed, excited and raring to go, we set off on our journey. Here is the account of the trip through the eyes and words of the students…


Red Bus Tour

“The red bus tour was really fun, I really liked to be in the bus because the sun was shining and we had spent a lot of time inside the plane. It was very nice to get the fresh air and it was really beautiful. We got to see the whole city and sneak peaks of what we would see later during the trip. When we were driving around the beach the sun started setting and it was marvellous, especially as we could see all of the surfers at sea from the bus.” 

Roberta, Foundation Year



“Kirstenbosch garden is one of the great botanical gardens in the world. I saw a lot of indigenous plants and those plants are completely different from the plants in Switzerland. This garden is quite big. Even though it is winter in South Africa, there are still some beautiful and lovely plants in the garden. The guide told us that the Protea is the national flower in South Africa. I really love the beautiful flower-heads of the Protea and I also enjoyed this garden.” 

Crystal, Grade 10


Table Mountain

“What I most liked about the South Africa trip was Table Mountain. I thought it was incredible that you could see the whole city from there. Even though it was very windy we still got to take some great pictures and see the amazing view!” 

Sonia, Foundation Year


Bo Kaap

“Bo Kaap is a beautiful section of Cape Town known for the bright colours that paint the houses. Not only is it beautiful but it is also filled with history, the bright and bold colours symbolise the freedom of the slaves back in the day when they were finally able to buy their own houses. It is really nice to walk past the houses and the pictures that you can take are amazing.” 

Ivana, Grade 11


Kalk Bay

“On our way to Cape Point we stopped to see the seals at Kalk Bay. We saw two, one sunbathing on the steps and the other one swimming in the water. It was amazing to be able to get so close to the animals, they were very cute, I was in love with them.” 

Maria Jose, Liberal Arts


Boulders beach

“We went to Boulders Beach on our second day in Cape Town. The sea is very beautiful. We saw lots of Penguins, they are gentle and friendly. It's pretty as a picture.” 

Alisa, Foundation Year


Cape Point

“Cape Point is at the most southwestern point of South Africa, and we had the opportunity to go there on our trip. We walked up a scenic path with views of the ocean and the beach on both sides until a lighthouse at the very top. From this lighthouse we were able to better appreciate the views and we took a lot of incredible pictures.” 

Eugenia, Grade 11


Cape of Good Hope

“We had an absolutely amazing time at Cape of Good Hope, we saw gorgeous views. However the most surprising thing we saw were many male and female ostriches along the sea front, which is just below Cape Point. When we left we drove through a place where the baboons live. The tour guide told us, "don't open the windows, those baboons are going to steal your food. " We were astonished by the baboons and their brave curiosity to get close to the cars. On our travels back to the hotel we travelled along Chapman’s Peak observing the beautiful scenery, stopping to take many photographs, and observing the surfers out at sea.” 

Xin Yi, Grade 11


Robben Island

“When we arrived at Robben Island, I could see lots of trees and flowers: the island is beautiful. Our guide took us on the bus, then we started to discover this lovely island. On the bus, we saw lots of plants and some strange birds, we even saw whales in the sea, which was amazing!

The guide explained some interesting history about the island, including the president of South Africa, Mandela, who was kept in this prison for 18 years. We went to the prison cell, our guide was a prisoner of Robben Island. I even asked about his feelings when he was kept in the prison. He explained the environment of the prison and the history about it, he also showed the room which Mandela was kept in. It was very moving. We finished the tour, and I spent a really nice time on Robben Island.” 

Linda, Foundation Year



“The aquarium was super fun. We saw a lot of different animals. We even got to touch starfish and more. Everybody enjoyed it!” 

Paula, Foundation Year


GOLD Drumming experience

 “The last night in the city of Cape Town we are in the GOLD restaurant. A typical South African restaurant. Firstly we had a drumming session that woke us all up. It was fantastic, we had so much fun. After that we enjoyed a lot of different kinds of typical food from all over Africa while dancers would go around and interact with the people.” 

Maria, Grade 12


Gondwana Game Reserve

“Having the opportunity to go to South Africa with your best friends is a once in a lifetime experience. The game reserve was filled with nature and animals and everywhere you looked it was prettier than before. Going in the game drive was a very exciting experience because you got to see wild animals in their own habitat. A lion was walking right beside me and at first I was scared but later on I saw that if you did not threaten them they would not attack you. We saw all sorts of animals; Lions, Zebras, Giraffes, Hippos, Elephants, Antelopes, Rhinos and more. The lodge was very nice and our rooms were perfect and clean the service was also very good and I really liked this trip.” 

Marina, Grade 9

We would like to say a huge thank you to the girls for making the trip so enjoyable and safe to say we will all be visiting South Africa again sometime in the near future.

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