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Foundation Year are celebrating All Hallow’s Eve by writing spooky Hallowe’en Haikus

Posted on: 31st October 2017

Foundation Year are celebrating All Hallow’s Eve by writing spooky Hallowe’en Haikus! Their focus for these was to “show” instead of “tell”; to create an eerie mood by letting the reader picture what is being described, rather than being “told” that things are spooky.  Words that didn’t paint a picture, like “the” or “a”, where possible were replaced with more “colourful” adjectives. The girls were also encouraged to incorporate some imagery – metaphors and personification – to bring their poems to life and contribute to the spooky atmosphere…and they definitely succeeded!  Prepare yourself for some very creepy reading…

Dark figure skulking –

full moon hiding between clouds:

werewolf howling loud.

Valeria, Foundation Year


Vampires creep softly:

red eyes, white fangs, deadly bite –

no sleeping this night.

Valeria, Foundation Year


Coming close to me:

blood stains his white fangs scarlet –

I started running.

Alexia, Foundation Year

Trick or treating time –

ghosts waiting to frighten you;

witches cast dark spells.

Alexia, Foundation Year


Witches, ghosts, vampires

dancing around fiery flames –

Hallowe’en evil…

Rosalie, Foundation Year


Witches whispering

in an unknown language. Wind

blows after an evil laugh.

Leanza, Foundation Year


Fog suffocates me –

voices moaning from cold graves.

Darkness. Emptiness.

Leanza, Foundation Year


Yawning grave under

cold moonlight. Skeletons dance

to children’s screaming.

Emilia, Foundation Year


Monsters creep slowly

waiting for little children –

day turns into darkness…

Mariana, Foundation Year


Evil fiery smile –

lurking in shadowed doorways,

hiding dark secrets.

Sora, Foundation Year

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