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Foundation Year present their stained glass windows

Posted on: 19th May 2016

Foundation year had 8 weeks in total to develop their knowledge, understanding and creativity around the theme of 'Stained Glass Windows'. The students began looking at stained glass windows through the ages; how they have changed in time with imagery and colour and where they are most likely to be placed in situ. The first part of the project was to gain an understanding of stained glass window designs and use drawing skills to interpret these. Importantly, the students were taken to the local Christian Church where they were able to get first hand imagery of the windows. Through drawing they began to understand the complexity and detail of what was in front of them, rather than just looking at a photograph. Once a background knowledge in the subject had been established the students were split into 3 groups: in these groups they had to come up with their own theme and to create designs based around it. They had four weeks to translate their final design onto glass, using window paint, acrylic paint, ink and glue. 

Group 1: Linda, Elizaveta, Paula 

The group’s idea began with their surroundings and what they saw in front of them: their theme therefore was 'Nature'. The design is made up of 7 main elements. A tree as the centre of the composition and 6 circle shapes around the tree each symbolising a different part of nature. 

Group 2: Faith, Roberta, Taisiia 

They were inspired by their initial research of stained glass windows, which had various patterned details covering the entire window. Their design is made up of three central circles, that are surrounded by lots of geometric shapes. This group was able to recreate the stained glass effect using mainly inks and PVA glue.   

Group 3: Sonia, Maria, Alisa

Their design was inspired by the students’ recent trip to Disneyland. It is made up of 6 main Disney symbols on a glittery blue background which is illuminated when held up to the window.Alongside their classwork the students began to create a presentation about their work to present the final idea to Mrs Penney.  This included persuading and negotiating with Mrs Penney to try and get her to choose their design.

I was very pleased with all their presentation skills, in particular their speaking skills which were all clear and well spoken. I was also very encouraged to see the students responding well to the difficult questions Mrs Penney had for them at the end of the presentation. We are now hoping to place the final pieces around the school for everyone to enjoy. Very well done to all the Foundation Year students.

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