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Foundation Year visit the Chateau de Chillon

Posted on: 5th May 2014 | Category: Swiss adventures, Trips and excursions

The Château de Chillon is the most visited tourist attraction in Switzerland, which is why Ms Martin and Signorina Spigarelli decided to take the Foundation Year students there for an afternoon trip to learn about Swiss culture, Geography and even French.

Below the Foundation Year describe their experience.

We went to one of the most wonderful places in Switzerland-Le Château de Chillon. It was an amazing trip, we learned so many different things, and we repeated all material from the Swiss history, geography and of course French! Now we know a lot about the castle, when it was built, by whom, for what and 3 different meanings of it. We had interesting homework to do after as we learnt a lot about it!



Today we visited the Chillon castle, we saw a lot of weapons, room and murals. Our visit at the same time with our teacher learning geography and French, is very interesting. Although very cold inside, I like it very much



I really enjoyed our lesson in The Castle of Chillon and it was interesting to find out about different people who used to live there. About dukes, prisoners and about those who used to hide there. And also it was interesting to have a look at the architecture of that castle how people built it and where they did it. We had the leaflet with all the information in our language and after our trip we got the homework from our teacher. So, i liked our trip there and if you have an opportunity to go you should go there. 


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